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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages can participate in Crown Point Track Club?
Crown Point Track Club is available to Crown Point athletes from 10-18 years old interested in Track and Field.

What are the different age groups and what is the birth date cutoff?
The athlete will participate in the age group determined by the athlete's age as of 12/31 of the current year.
The age groups are:
- Bantam: 10 and under
- Midget: 11 and 12
- Youth: 13 and 14
- Intermediate: 15 and 16
- Young: 17 and 18

What are the track and field events?
- 100 Meter
- 200 Meter
- 400 Meter

- 800 Meter

- 1500 Meter
- 3000 Meter (Bantam and up)
- *Hurdles (Midget and up)
- 4X100 Relay
- 4x400 Relay

Field Events:
- Long Jump
- Triple Jump (Youth and up)

- Pole Vault (Youth and up)
- Shot Put and Discuss
- High Jump (Bantam and up)

Note: Age groups are typically allowed to participate in 3 races, two field events, and two relays at most meets (Midget and below) Youth and above can participate in 4 events.

What is the registration fee?
The registration fee for 2018 winter practices is $125.00.

All athletes must have a valid USATF membership prior to practicing.

Crown Point Track Club is non-profit. All funds will be used to the benefit of the club.

If my child runs track or cross country for their school can they begin running for CPTC after their season?

Yes, they can run for CPTC after their season and can always run with the team for extra practice.


What form of communication is used by the club to reach parents/athletes?
All communication is handled via e-mail and the website CPTrackClub.com with occasional newsletters through text messaging or the REMIND app.

If a practice will be canceled, we will send emails and text messages so it will be important to use an email that you can monitor during the day.

Are there additional expenses required by the athlete?
- The athletes/parents are responsible for transportation to all meets.
- A good pair of running shoes should be purchased for the athlete and a pair of spikes are optional, however most athletes above Sub-Bantam should purchase them.

What running gear does my child need?
Your child will need to have a pair of athletic running shoes for practice and meets. Appropriate running attire should include warm ups/sweats (later in the season), running shorts, long, short sleeved, and sleeveless shirts. Running spikes are an option, they are not required. You may want to pack an extra pair of socks.
It is required that all athletes bring water and/or sports drinks to practices and meets.
Recommendation: Put your child's name on everything they bring to the track, including drinks.

What are the practice times and where?
Practices will be 2 days a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) at Crown Point High School track. We will keep to the schedule unless a reschedule is necessary due to track availability.

What can I expect at practices?
Coaches will ask athletes to complete a warm up in order to maximize the time on the track.

Note: Please do not have the athletes eat heavily or consume dairy products before practices. Ensure they are properly hydrated and have had a healthy snack before arriving.